Personal Quality
Theories and Models
 Attribution Theory  Hagberg model  Managerial GridMaturity Index
 7 Habits  Team Stages  Expectancy Theory  Seven signs
 Needs hierarchy  Whole brain model  Moral Purpose  ERG Theory
 Personality Types  Super Theory  Entrepreneurs  GROW Model
 Change Approaches  Parenting Styles   Emotional Inteligence  Theory of needs
 Charismatic Leader  Multiple Intelligences  Development Stages  Moral Development
 Construct Theory  Big Five  Learning Styles  VAK Learning
 Myers Briggs  DISC  Holland codes  Change Model
 Terms AB  Terms C  Terms DH  Terms IP
 Terms RZ  Depression  Hawthorne effect
Life Vision
Finance Personal People Career Impact
  >$1000  Crisis   Icebreaking   Self
  >$10000   Sharing   Family
  >$1 Million   Co-Creation   Group
  >$ 1 Billion  Proactive   Synergy   World
  Integrity   EmpathyLoyaltySimplicity
  Excellence Transparency   Being Responsible
  Bias for action   Risk Taking Harnessing knowledgeOpportunity seeking
Risk Assesment
Financial  Personal  People Career
Change Tools
 Balance Score Card  Yoga  Meditation
 BMI Calculator  Body Fat Calorie Chart
 Set GoalsMeasureReviewEnsure Coverage
 Negotiation  Criticism  Assertion  Listening
 Conflict Resolution  Time Management  Coaching  Stress Management
 Interpersonal  Creativity  PersuasionChange Management
Finance Personal People Career
Unproductive Assets  Physical Fat  ConflictsNon Creative Work
 Emotional FatDependenceRework
 Intellectual FatScattered Career

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