Why hate in increasing ?


I read a book “who moved my cheese”. It is a tiny book which can unlock your emotional complexity. We all want cheese (fun, comfort, luxury). We want comfort zones where we can build a happy dreamy world. We are GOD there. We have created it. It will have career, love, or family of OUR choice. Cheese is piece of that dream. It is a share of heaven.

Diwali , Laxmi and Physics


This Diwali is especial. Man never observed 630 earth mass of gold being sprayed in sky along with other metals like silver , platinum or uranium. Many of us in India can’t celebrate it as we really don’t know it. Laxmi was smiling in sky. It was a crash of two neutron stars.

Our choices make us.


One day I was angry. I stormed into my boss room and started discussing my career. Old man gave it a serious listening. I told him that I was doing much lower job than my qualification/skill. Old man in end said” you are describing me your own choices and their results”. I had no word to say. I gave it thought and he was right.

Cleanliness – tribute to Gandhi :


October 2 is Gandhi Jyanti in India. Gandhi Ji was a minimalist in true terms. Less cloths, less designations, and no violence. He achieved his objective on Independence of India through less pain and more dialogue. . Indians have forgiven bapu’s teachings. It was beyond non –violence. It was about living close to nature and being a minimalist.

Artificial Intelligence – Next Generation work


Man has limitation of memory. It has to fit in finite skull, it needs sleep, and it has emotions. Artificial intelligence does not have anything. For any problem, it can give and explore more solution than any human being. Computer size is shrinking. Quantum computer will multiply the memory calculations. It is possible in future that machine will overtake human intelligence.


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