School education and its impact:


It is getting clearer that subject marks are not a guarantee of success. It is mostly centred around to fulfil jobs. Survival has become a priority for many. There is rising inquality in society and there is almost no growth of lower 50% of society. Jobs are shrinking and their nature is changing.

GST –Right Implementation is Must:


GST is a big reform. India needs it badly. With this, financial accountability will increase in system. In real, Indian GDP is at point of break down. Massive job loss is sign of it. GST may revive the growth, hopefully. GST is a massive re-engineering exercise which will club excise, service tax, VAT etc in one tax. Idea was “One nation- One tax”.

Habit of happy people


Happiness and peace are two big objectives for all. Everyone is dealing with problems, some we know , some we don’t know. Happiness is choice. No one can be bigger than peace and sleep of mind. Balance in us brings back sense and direction. Happy people lives their life for bucket list and not for CV. Managing focus in big challenge nowadays. Noise is too high.