Best 2020 horoscopes


Life is unpredictable. Astrology may help to bring some insight.


for more insight in new year..

Corona and Future


Corona is new buzzword. It is going to redefine the way business will happen going forward. No risk expert had predicted it. We are stuck with an enemy we hardly know. Offices have lockdown. After lockdown is over ,we will be in new era of work life. Those who were busy in firefighting are sitting at home. Oil was gold few days back. Everything has changed. We have new battle to fight.

Consciousness and Productivity


Productivity has less link with time and more with consciousness. Attention has big thing to do. Unfocussed efforts are good in transactions. But most good work needs attention. That’s why low pay jobs or transactional jobs are so robotics. They are tiring too, physically.

Are we love obsess ?


All emotions are playing in extreme. We are loving too much, hating too much. Feeling exausted and tired. IN cave era, we were more happy. We have less choices. We were more satisfied. Now in era of over-trigger or over-race. Over trigger means more productivity. More race to fill time ahead. More goals and more expectations to get more from people and things.

Pursuit of happiness


People are looking for constant state of happiness. It is theoretically not possible. Happiness is most misunderstood concept. Some think it is peace + growth, peace+ joy, or peace + pleasure. There may be many versions. All want it consistent and growing. It is not possible.


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