Top 1 to 10 (Quality, Innovation and Change) _ India

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1. Sam Pitroda @sampitroda - Telecom inventor, entrepreneur, development thinker, policy maker. Author of #DreamingBig available now on Amazon India

2. Raghunath Mashelkar   @rameshmashelkar  President GRA, Chairman, National Innovation Foundation, Ex DG, CSIR, President, INSA, Passionate about Inclusive Innovation, More from Less for More People 

3.Harsh Mariwala @hcmariwala Chairman, Marico. Sharing my views on entrepreneurship, innovation, management & life’s learnings.​

4.Harsh Goenka @hvgoenka : Chairman - RPG Enterprises. Loves people, food, sports, art.


5. Sabir Chowdhury @subirchowdhury Globally known for the work on Quality, bestselling Author of The Power of 6 Sigma and 13 additional books. Passionate about writing, keynote, consulting & art.​

6. Naresh Raisinghani @BMGI_India CEO & Executive Director, BMGI- India, Harvard Business School-OPM-40. Helping organizations to grow & transform their business performance.​

7 Debashis Sarkar  @DebashisSarkar Author of 7 books, 2014 Phil Crosby Medallist, Writes for Huffingtonpost, Passionate about Leadership, Lean Management, Customer Service,…​

8 Arun Kumar Chaudhuri : Director (museum) at ADAAP Process Solutions Pvt. Ltd

9) Navyug Mohnot  @NavyugMohnot Founder and CEO, QAI. TEDx Speaker. Passionate about design. Run a film club. Mentor start ups. IIT D Alumni Award. Believe in the concept of manifestation.

10) Darrell Mann @darrellmann innovation author, consultant, problem solver, problem finder​