How to handle resistence in change management ?

Any change management practice is difficult especially in service business. It is hard to keep control on SOP’s. These processes are mainly people dependent. I divide people in three broad categories – green balls, red balls, and yellow balls.

Green balls are most structured people. They are highly analytical and love to face challenges of projects. They are potential black- belts. Despite time issues, they love to devote time for any improvement related activity. Develop them hard and give them wide exposure. Train them hard. They would deliver.

Red balls are most difficult nuts to crack. They believe in shortcuts and believe in quick wins. They hates quality guy and think they don’t need any external help I feel at many places we start with many projects and create many failures. This also creates high resistance in the organizational system. These people can provide you good critic support. Training can align these balls but most importantly they want to see quick success. Success drives success in six sigma methodology. So learn to create by using simple tools.

Yellow balls constitute eighty percent of organizational system. They haven’t made their mind on any methodology and don’t have rigid stand on it. They can be trained and major emphasis should be on these people. On induction level in organization, they should be given a short two days or three days training on structure problem solving tools. High attrition is major concern for any organization,. There is no point in teaching them after one or two year as this may be too late especially in services where retention time is two to three year.