Optimization Vs Innovation

Any organization needs growth which can come through optimization or innovation. Innovation needs destruction. Creation of new path is difficult. It involves risk. It can’t happen every day. After trying multiple ideas, only few succeeds. Outside environment like competition or technology decides need of optimization and innovations.
Optimization needs more efforts however less risky. Optimization of process, system, or organization needs consistent effort for survival. Organizations depute army of change managers to fuel this need.

Both optimization and innovation are simultaneously happens in any system. Their ratios may be different. Growth goddess needs them. Product cycle curve is fixed (S Curve). Tech products are more vulnerable to environment. They need more innovation. Faiths like religion needs less changes. They work on written or unwritten constitutions.

Complacent organization has less life time. US companies have seen it. Business has shifted to China or India at the name of optimization. Cost reduction is consistent need for survival.

On global front, countries are investing less on higher education (innovation). Politics, security, and economics have taken over need to innovate by human. We need more budget allocations and focus on education and innovation. There should be idea centres/cafes then bookish education. Google has made bookish education less useful. Creating products for future generations is need of hour.

Triz and Politics – Part I

I find politicians are most creative people. They create people and solve them to grab and maintain power. Just putted their strategy in triz principles

S.No Principle Sub Principles Politicians Examples
1 Segmentation a) Divide an object into independent Parts Divide world in Caste, Creed, Religion, Region, 
b) Make an object or system easy to disassemble Local organizations units which are easy to disassemble and work at voting areas. Moveable branding –advertising.. 
c) Increase degree of fragmentation Divided world in uneven area and districts. 
Fight lower level elections like municipality and village penchact to keep power intact at lower levels
2 Taking Out a) Separate an interfering part or property from an object or system Kicking non loyal people and 
Side-line people with scan tainted image 
3 Local Quality a) Change an object or system from Uniform to non- uniform Exceptional handling all the time,
Keep some issue unresolved and area disputed
b) Make each part of an object in condition most suitable for operation Try to optimise resource utilization..
People with nice diplomatic image work with nice people
Some people make verbal attach from direction of top
c) Make each part of an object fulfil a different and useful function Allocate ministries to loyal subordinates and colleagues.
4 Asymmetry a) Change the shape of an object to asymmetrical Create religion or caste based asymmetry in people 
Give subsidy or reservations to people with high vote percentage 
b) If an object is asymmetrical change it to extreme Further subdivide people on minute difference (like in even Muslim countries people are divided on Sia and Sunnis ) 
5 Merging a) Bring closer identical parts to perform parallel operation Based on their interest , they bring countries (like European Union) together 
b) Make operations contiguous or parallel Single currency to smoothen trade. They sign pacts with other friendly countries to streamline trade. 
6 Universality a) Make a object to perform multiple functions Give multiple roles to single person. In India , single man handle 3-4 ministries.
b) Use standardized features Copy best practices in global arena in voting, trade, and political negotiations
7 Nested doll a) Place one object or system inside another Resource optimization done by keeping woman wing or youth wing, etc 
b) Make one part pass through a cavity in the other Common resources or thread to manage all small parts
8 Anti Weight a) To compensate for the weight of an object or system , merge it with other systems Keep substitutes for critical resources. If a leader reach at retiring age – change it with next grown up resource
b) To compensate for the weight of an object make it interact with environment If someone has got more power.. move it to party from government. Give him challenging role with less powers
9 Preliminary anti action a) Ant actions to control harmful effects Left loopholes in rules made by parliament or them only..
b) Create Forehand stresses in an object that will oppose unknown working stress Put curfew in case of violence
10 Preliminary action a) Perform , before it is needed, the required change of an object Independent aligned before government formation
b)  Pre arrange objects at most convenient place Announce policies just before elections

Deliverying Over-Value

Delivering right value to customer is important. I went to one company which is known for Compact disk (CD) manufacturing. They wanted to deliver giga bits of data on Blue ray technology. I was amazed but at the same time confused whether there is any demand for such large data storage. As company was in CD manufacturing, they just wanted to give more value to their customers. Suddenly, pen drive came and it hitted the flexibilty part of data storage. Pen drive is much more user friendly.

Similarly, in India, companies are working on 3G/4G technologies. Idea is about delivering broadband or live TV on tabs. Someone asked me who will carry this large device in markets. Additonally, we can;t carry mobile and tabs together everywhere. flexibility and userfriendlyness to be address first.

Basic need is about mobile connection. It has really created revolution in India/world. Sellingn next level of broadband to farmers, retailers, and workers may be tough. Cheap tabs to be created with wireless infrastructure. Farmers need it for weather forecast and learning basic agriculture technologies. Their kids need it for learning and education but demand seems overstated.

In a country where basic education and food are illusive for many people. Will they buy this idea ? They can. But will they pay monthly bills on time ? Food is necessaty and its budget is increasing day by day because of inflation.

Nothing comes free. Value added service will need additional investment and returns will be equally expensive. 3G is not making any impact till date. Lets wait for next level of revolution in happening.

Business Lessons from Grandma Stories

Prashant Y. Joglekar

Vineet Nayar in his book “Employees First Customer Second” puts forward a very strong argument when he says happy & contented employees produce best results for clients, win their trust & bring more business. While reading the book I was recounting a story told by my grandmother.

There was this little village which was confronting with a severe draught. The entire village was on a verge of displacement. As a last resort the village head (Sarpanch) consulted the head priest of an ancient SHIVA TEMPLE to explore whether any ritual can rescue them from this unannounced misery. The priest asked them to perform “Abhishek” (bathing the deity) by offering all the milk the villagers had and immerse the deity with it. Every villager offered the milk they had at the cost of starving their families but yet the deity could not be immersed. The village head sent all his messengers to search for those who have yet to make an offering.

One old lady holding a small glass of milk was walking towards the temple. The crowd was surprised to see the size of the glass and was angry with her selfishness; such a petite offering would not help the cause they thought. The lady first offered her devotion filled prayers before pouring out the milk on deity’s head.

To everyone’s surprise the deity was immersed completely & it started raining heavily in the next few moments. There was an announcement from the heaven, the GOD was very happy with the lady’s compassionate act. She abiding her routine fed everyone at home with a glass full of milk. Thus everyone in the family was taken care before the milk was offered to the LORD. The values & act of empathy, compassion displayed by the lady was engraved permanently in the minds of her family members. This would definitely have the multiplier effect when they dealt with others.

Organization delivers value to its clients, customers through a series of activities and business processes participated & executed by its heart counts. The strong (flexible at best) process framework is cemented by team work, trust & respect for each other’s job. The team members depict family members in the story; everyone needs to take good care of each other & demonstrate empathy for collectively delivering an unmatched value to its customer.

Thus SHIVA (the final customer) can only be satisfied with the value delivered to HIM if the family members (internal teams and its members) are demonstrated with good values & encouraged to unleash their true potential to deliver the best.