Loyalty vs Variety..

Loyalty is best known for security. It makes us attached. While nature loves variety, man loves loyalty especially in relations which create pain in longer run. Unfortunately, loyalty is one sided affair. It also creates many expectations.

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” Winnie the Pooh quotes

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

We love variety in food, season, time, and cloths. But many things we want to remain attached like assets, home, social status, or some relation. Attachment or loyalty restricts the learning at the cost of security.
We have limited time on earth to get bounded by same idea, place or relation. Idea is to live new life every day. World is full of unlimited options. We hardly try something new at the shake of security and don’t want to lose our complacency or comfort zone.

Extreme end of variety is also painful. Extreme changes may take us out of social structure and we may face intense isolation. This is the path very few people dare to take.

People who love only once in their lives are. . . shallow people. What they call their loyalty, and their fidelity, I call either the lethargy of custom or their lack of imagination.” Oscar Wilde quotes

“Loyalty is a feature in a boy’s character that inspires boundless hope.”

I believe balance of both these worlds can bring happiness.

Performance Management – Flat vs Extreme

I am working in a team of equally capable Black belts. Job role is same and it is very difficult for my managers to defend our ratings. Working with multiple managers is another compulsion or business requirement.  In absence of clear cut goal setting and output, In year end, my manager feel lost to defend our ratings. Salary differential in group is another dimension.

In 2011, our manager got confused and rated us all as very good. Everyone was happy as it was a non-event for all. Attitude changed in system, if you work or not, hardly matters.

Last year, manager changed and perception changed. We all got extreme ratings this time. Some got on upper side and some got on lower side. Now I am facing extremely uncomfortable environment in department. Drive and motivation are on extreme. He got maximum rise, he has to work extra. Averages rated are more silent spectator. Lower graded are looking for other function or profile. Point here is extreme rating made psychological impact on us.

Same is happening with our Indian legal system, you do crime or good work. hardly matters. Rewards and recognition of good work is missing. Anna Hazare worked hard whole life and now Media is torturing him for good work. System must reward right performance. Then only, well balanced performances will come and company/society will sustain longer.

Satisfaction Vs Cost

We all are running for more satisfaction. Main source of satisfaction is competitiveness. Satisfaction comes with a cost tag. More you pay better you get but how much one should pay to get this temporary satisfaction. It depends from person to person. While north Indian may put his entry salary on stake, south Indian will prefer his conservative approach. Social pressure is less there.   

It is not always true that more cost gives more satisfaction. After some cost limit, satisfaction drops.

Kings used to buy something which they never used. It is more for social status. It should be unique and have your signature. That should reflect your identity. To pay the cost, sometimes we take too much credit from market. High end gadgets, cars, homes, or no of wives/girl friends may be part of it. We want to show the world that we are unique. My friend wants to buy big car which he won’t use daily. It is for social status. He wants to pay high for this uniqueness.

This madness is making environment to pay. Thing which we don’t need but we are buying. Cutting the trees, putting AC’s , erecting microwave towers across the city, without considering long term effect. Irresponsibility is increasing in society. Uses of allocated resources should be restricted than only human may happily live on this earth.

Trust Vs Growth

I have one depressed friend. During discussion, she said yesterday “My faith in life has been broken by family , friends, and society and now I don’t want to grow”. She went on generalising issues. It confused me between faith and growth, which one is more important.

Let’s take example of trees to simplify it. A tree gets its food from SUN. Its leaves combine sun rays with chemicals to make food. In BASANT season all goes well. Tree is happy with so many leaves around. Suddenly, the same SUN gets too hot in summer and break the honeymoon period of tree. Sun makes tree literally naked with few leave. Tree may think that his trust/faith is broken. What option a tree has? Each year it happens. Nature is designed like it. Luckily, tree has no brain. It aligns itself next year when Sun gets better. In nature, everything is cyclic.

Both faith and growth are necessary in life. Basic rules of nature can’t be violated. Seasons may change. Many depressed people violate such basic law of nature. They withdraw themselves from mainstream which creates a cycle of sufferings. No one is above nature. Some of us take guns to kill the trust brokers. They are just the medium to teach us nature’s law. Can a tree kill sun?. Sun comes to fulfil its duty every day. Dharma is about forgiveness which a tree does well. It start living life fully again with same resources.

It is strange that many trust brokers’ lives near us. They build emotional inventory within us by supporting us like Sun does with tree. And one day, things get opposite.

People who oppose nature are immature and impractical. Even Sun is not above law and he is bounded by nature. Trees can’t kill Sun. Sun can’t kill nature. They can only accept. We all should do the same.

Optimization Vs Innovation

Any organization needs growth which can come through optimization or innovation. Innovation needs destruction. Creation of new path is difficult. It involves risk. It can’t happen every day. After trying multiple ideas, only few succeeds. Outside environment like competition or technology decides need of optimization and innovations.
Optimization needs more efforts however less risky. Optimization of process, system, or organization needs consistent effort for survival. Organizations depute army of change managers to fuel this need.

Both optimization and innovation are simultaneously happens in any system. Their ratios may be different. Growth goddess needs them. Product cycle curve is fixed (S Curve). Tech products are more vulnerable to environment. They need more innovation. Faiths like religion needs less changes. They work on written or unwritten constitutions.

Complacent organization has less life time. US companies have seen it. Business has shifted to China or India at the name of optimization. Cost reduction is consistent need for survival.

On global front, countries are investing less on higher education (innovation). Politics, security, and economics have taken over need to innovate by human. We need more budget allocations and focus on education and innovation. There should be idea centres/cafes then bookish education. Google has made bookish education less useful. Creating products for future generations is need of hour.