Performance Management – HR Joke

I went through this exercise yesterday. A long round of discussion on my strength and weakness (area of improvement) happened with my boss. I am lucky one I got a discussion. In most of the companies in India, it is just face value. Perceptions rule it. In the end, you need to align with boss’s goal and objective and have to make his chair secure.

It is very seasonal. It comes once in a year. It drives alertness and rumour mills in management circle. Some managers have tough role to tell his subordinate where he is lacking or what can him more productive.

Like many, I am weak in boss management. Boss has extra need of information feed. It is natural in a human. Top managers are most insecure lot.

I am against yearly appraisal. It is very difficult to judge a person on yearly basis. It should be project/task specific. People have short memory and have to rate subordinate based on last three month’s performance. At the last 50’s managers can’t think beyond three months in past. In future, they are trained to see beyond 20-30 years. But past memory erased quickly for them. Poor subordinate has to pay for it.

Even if management has to give time based performance incentive, duration should be four or six months. One year is too long. HR managers don’t like frequent query handling. Yearly performance measurement supports them.

Same managers offer double salary when you leave. It shows weakness in system to identify true performers.

Quality Certifications how reliable they are?

Companies have passion to go for certification and awards. Does the entire exercise deliver what is expected out of it? Sometimes, it is just a paper work excercise. Auditees show forms and formats to auditors which are just framed, signed, and reviewed by quality managers. It is all being done just to get a certificate and show the world how conscious we are for quality. All NC’s are closed afterward in similar fashion. Tons of paper work has to be framed for this exercise.

I haven’t seen any company which has not received a certificate if they have gone for it. It’s like an exam where everyone gets pass. There may be several reasons for it. First is vested interest of auditor as auditor’s company has to show the company in their client list. Secondly, the auditee’s company also has to show that they have quality certificate to their customers. Interests of both companies are involved, so we see this exercise in audit, sometimes.

We as a quality professionals need to strive for excellence. Instead of thinking in short term’s certification benefit should also think for longer term. No customer can give you order base on just certifications. If you have to survive in long term, you need quality mindset. Mindset for excellence should be there at each level of organization.

As a part of many such exercises, I have gone through remembering all clauses of standards, word by word. My experience says these standards are quite general and you have to fit them based on your requirement. Some forms and formats do not have much value while others are must for your process. Need for controls in process can not be ruled out; however, they need to be optimized?

On positive side, audits show health of processes in their true sense. Frequent audits are needed, but their spirit to check health and their cure should also be considered.

Hexion Specialty Chemicals Receives 2009 Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Award

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(Business Wire)– Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc., recently received a 2009 Global Six Sigma & Business Improvement Award recognizing its achievements in utilizing Six Sigma for organizational business improvement. The company was selected as having the best achievement in implementing Six Sigma for business improvement in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The award was part of an overall awards program presented by WCBF, which produces Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma events. The awards, recognizing leading Six Sigma programs across a range of industries, were judged by a panel of independent business improvement experts and practitioners. The focus of the awards program is to demonstrate to the global business community the results that organizations achieve through the successful deployment of Six Sigma and other business excellence programs, according to the organization. “We are excited about this recognition of Hexion`s Six Sigma programming, which has helped us improve our global operations to better serve our customers,” said Dalchand Laljit, Vice President, Six Sigma. Six Sigma at Hexion is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any business process. It provides various methods and tools to associates to examine processes within the business from the customer’s perspective, and to improve them to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Hexion has implemented Six Sigma programming across its global organization and has made Six Sigma a core process in its business operations. Its award entry documented various business process improvements, savings and service enhancements resulting from embracing Six Sigma methodology as a way of doing business. About Hexion Specialty Chemicals, Inc. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Hexion Specialty Chemicals serves the global wood and industrial markets through a broad range of thermoset technologies, specialty products and technical support for customers in a diverse range of applications and industries. Hexion Specialty Chemicals is owned by an affiliate of Apollo Management, L.P. Additional information is available at

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Six Sigma helps Bharti Airtel translate additional Rs 200 crore in revenues

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) conferred upon industry awards to enterprises for setting new examples in various fields of Six Sigma implementation. The awards was judged on parameters such as customer impact, results achieved, sustainability of gains, employee involvement and commitment & linkage to strategic objectives of the business.

Bharti Airtel won the first prize for Six Sigma implemented in Transport network to enhance voice quality in its network. “Quality is an integral part of a company’s strategy while the mechanism to achieve quality is a matter of choice. The quality deliverables should be driven from the top and Airtel takes pride to call itself a quality company, “ stated Mr. Sanjay Kapoor, Deputy CEO, Bharti Airtel Ltd.

SKF India Ltd Bangalore and Whirlpool India Ltd followed Bharti in bagging awards.

The Six Sigma project implemented by Bharti helped the company increase the vice minutes usage to 700-800 million minutes translating into Rs 200 crore while the mechanism provided by the Six Sigma implementation increased the customer satisfaction index from 61 % to 82 %.


Triz Principle 29 # Pneumatics and hydraulics

In its most general form, this principle is about replacing solids with liquids or gases, which can easily be channelled and have different properties such as their flexibility, which can be useful for cushioning. Pneumatic and hydraulic systems are particularly useful for channelling energy to a desired place, using flexible pipes.

Use gas and liquid parts of an object instead of solid parts (e.g. inflatable, filled with liquids, air cushion, hydrostatic, hydro-reactive).

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