Email Mistakes

In professional world, we receive many emails every day. I spend many hours in reading and replying them. It is part of job. Yesterday, one professional gave excuse of not reading mails as they get many. Email should be crisp and well directed.

I have observed people writing too many jargons. I find it difficult to make real sense of their mail. I appreciate their knowledge and professionalism. I believe, if a person can’t simplify the subject means he does not understand the subject or he intentionally wants extra points on his writing skill. Writing long mail is pain and some people write it to show their professional skill.

Calling and meeting face to face are dying in some sense. It happens only to show top management. People remain alert just to show leaders that they are contributing.

Marking mail to right person is very important. Many times we write and mark it to people who have no role or even have left the company.

E-mail should be short and should convey right message.

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