Performance Management – HR Joke

I went through this exercise yesterday. A long round of discussion on my strength and weakness (area of improvement) happened with my boss. I am lucky one I got a discussion. In most of the companies in India, it is just face value. Perceptions rule it. In the end, you need to align with boss’s goal and objective and have to make his chair secure.

It is very seasonal. It comes once in a year. It drives alertness and rumour mills in management circle. Some managers have tough role to tell his subordinate where he is lacking or what can him more productive.

Like many, I am weak in boss management. Boss has extra need of information feed. It is natural in a human. Top managers are most insecure lot.

I am against yearly appraisal. It is very difficult to judge a person on yearly basis. It should be project/task specific. People have short memory and have to rate subordinate based on last three month’s performance. At the last 50’s managers can’t think beyond three months in past. In future, they are trained to see beyond 20-30 years. But past memory erased quickly for them. Poor subordinate has to pay for it.

Even if management has to give time based performance incentive, duration should be four or six months. One year is too long. HR managers don’t like frequent query handling. Yearly performance measurement supports them.

Same managers offer double salary when you leave. It shows weakness in system to identify true performers.

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