Invisible Children

I watched KONY 2012 video and collected some information about him. He suddenly came to news after a documentary “Invisisble Children” came in existence. Internet is curious to know about him. Joseph Kony, a former church altarboy, has spread terror through eastern and central Africa for almost three decades. His army has abducted and forced an estimated 66,000 children to fight for them.. Joseph Kony whose LRA dismembered, cut off lips, ears, fingers, hands, feet off of the innocent to keep them in fear.

His troops often come into villages and kill the adults then rape the girls and force the boys to fight in his army. Kony stopped attending church when he was 15 and practices of kind of Christianity mixed with African spirituality, believing the sign of the cross will physically protect him and his soldiers from harm.

Kony believes in polygamy, and as of 2007 he was thought to have 88 wives, along with 42 children.

Meantime, People in Africa are also telling it as wrong propaganda. Difficult to say what is right. Kony insists that he and the Lord’s Resistance Army are fighting for the Ten Commandments. Mixing god with weapon is little strange. Religious leaders work on extremes. Some of them pray for nonviolence while other wants rule of god on violence.

More on link below .. Youtube has video on Invisible Children

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