Process – Man two distinct dimensions:

I met many managers in last two weeks and asked them what activities they perform. I got surprised when wrote down activity list for them. Two member teams gave me list of hundred items. On other hands, some large teams (around twenty members) told me list of ten –twenty activities. I thought it is very person specific. Communication skill of a manager also plays an important role. Some managers were telling me level 3 while others were telling me level 4 processes.

Thinking deep on this subject, I realised that process streams and their interconnection points also play an important role. Some employees are working on interconnection points means participating in multiple processes. End to end cycle of processes like O2C (order to cash) , P2P (procure to pay), H2R( Hire to retire) etc are quite long and many employees play important roles. Hands off with adjacent processes are also possible along with outer connecting points like vendors, customers, or government authorities..

Process (activity level ) and human involved are two distinct axis. Many people may involve in single process activity while single person may involve in many process activities.

Understanding this complexity may help in simplifying the process. Linking the person with process activity may help the organization in development of robust design and lean organization.

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