Responsibility, Balance and Growth – Three Main Pillars

Responsibility brings existence. Living responsible life is necessary in all forms. It is difficult to maintain discipline and responsibility in all parts of life. However, it is necessary that we should maximise the responsible behaviour. In current environment of internet, it is difficult to train the person on time management. Owning the behaviour and mistakes are necessary.

Balance brings sustainability. Balance makes us more controlled and bring sense in our life. Balancing financial life, family, personal, and social life is necessary for well managed development. Any imbalance creates long term chronic problems. Eating imbalance meal may lead to physical problems. Physical, emotional, and intellectual values should be inculcated.

Growth brings happiness. Pushing things to next level is necessary to celebrate human existence. Making something memorable will make our existence meaningful. People live in mirage what brings happiness ultimately it is growth which press us to achieve more. It is difficult to achieve first two pillars are missing.

All personal problem’s solutions lie in these three pillars.