Mid career changes

I am thinking to shift to telecom but apprehensive about future outcome. Skill set is not growing in quality function now. I have reached at a level where it is difficult to improve skills. That is prompting me to change job to operation. Having experince and qualification in telecom prompt me to go for Telecom Venture. I have a chance too. Many things are coming to my mnd while deciding.

Pro in Telecom
1. Skill development in new area
2. Generating scope and hope for future. High risk/ high reward.

Cons in Telecom
1. Highly volatile market. Known for job losses
2. Support function like quality have longivity

Leave my case aside, it is difficult to change course after 10-12 years of experince. IN current environment , it is necessary to keep updating skill which is difficult in same field. Support staff is most secure job as they are immune to technology change and demand supply fluctuation. They can change the company easily as demand for HR, Quality, admin, IT management will remain same across sectors. Skills require in these functions are not very different in different companies.

Pro and cons to be evaluated while changing jobs especially mid career changes.

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