Media control and value system

News is flashing on various TV channels about control of content on Facebook and Twitter. Indian leaderhips is demaning screening of information. In China , it is already there. State press is supposed to be loyal to the state heads. Controlled news should be published. I worked in an organization which had open discussion forum. People started using the forum to discuss about company policies. Suddenly, one day forum shutted down. Why leaders are so scared of information flow ?

There are two thoughts. One is supporting free information flow. It creates transperancy and trust. Many organizations talk about open door policy. Problems comes when it become too vocal. Controls may become redundent. Leadership loose faith. Democracy has its own disadvantage. It demands a true and morally strong leaders.

Another thought is controlled content and information. Parents generally try to control their kids from porn and other abusive content. It also has negative side, more you control them, more they go towards it. Kapil Sibal is trying to do the same which is impossible in today’s world. Controlling the source of bad ideas or abuse may not help. These are realities of today’s world. We Should train our kids how to handle such situations and their disadvantages.

Companies may talk freely about their policies and decision with logics. On other hand, they should teach their employee how to build trust and confidence. It should be win-win situation for employee and company. Disadvantage of rumors should be a training subject.

Human resource has bigger role in it. Each decision should be properly communicated. If we take good and strong value based decisions. People supports us. Criticism is best tool for gap analysis. Alas, only few people , take it seriously.