Triz Principle # 38 Strong oxidants

The oxygen in the air reacts with many substances, from iron (creating rust) to flammable substances (enabling fire). This effect can be increased by using materials which combine with oxygen more easily or by adding more oxygen to the system, for example in a blowtorch.

A. Replace common air with oxygen-enriched air.

  • Scuba diving with Nitrox or other non-air mixtures for extended endurance

 B. Replace enriched air with pure oxygen.

Cut at a higher temperature using an oxy-acetylene torch.

  • Treat wounds in a high pressure oxygen environment to kill anaerobic bacteria and aid healing.

C. Expose air or oxygen to ionizing radiation.

D. Use ionized oxygen.

  • Ionize air to trap pollutants in an air cleaner.

E. Replace ozonized (or ionized) oxygen with ozone.

Speed up chemical reactions by ionizing the gas before use.