Triz Principle 26 # Copying

Rather than use the expensive, delicate or inaccessible original, can you use a simple copy. This may be done physically or optically, such as using an image of some sort. Once you have a copy, you can change it different ways to achieve the desired benefit.

 A. Instead of an unavailable, expensive, fragile object, use simpler and inexpensive copies.

  • Virtual reality via computer instead of an expensive vacation
  • Listen to an audio tape instead of attending a seminar.

 B. Replace an object, or process with optical copies.

  • Do surveying from space photographs instead of on the ground.
  • Measure an object by measuring the photograph.
  • Make sonograms to evaluate the health of a fetus, instead of risking damage by direct testing.

 C. If visible optical copies are already used, move to infrared or ultraviolet copies.

  • Make images in infrared to detect heat sources, such as diseases in crops, or intruders in a security system.


 Benchmarking good practices of other hotels.

Using knowledge and design of earlier projects.


1. Use local conveyance, If you don’t have car.

2. Copying in exam can save you from hard work.

3. Giving your son low cost toys, if you can’t spend much on them.