Triz Principle 24 # Mediator

Sometimes you need an action carried out which cannot easily be done by the system as it is. In this case, you have the option of either adding a new part or temporarily bringing in something to perform the action.

 A. Use an intermediary carrier article or intermediary process.

  • Carpenter’s nailset, used between the hammer and the nail

 B. Merge one object temporarily with another (which can be easily removed).

  • Pot holder to carry hot dishes to the table


1. Job agent, marriage agent, tarvel agent, and law firms are examples of Mediator. They match people or solve their problems. 

 2. Customer can be advertiser for services.


1. Whenever I share some secret to someone, it reaches to many people. he behaves like mediator. Females are better in it. 

2. Office boy gives me more infomation about boss, increments, and promotions.