Triz Principle 22 # “Blessing in disguise”

Sometimes harmful or undesired effects, such as the creation of waste, result from the process. A simple conversion of harm to benefit is when the heat from a vehicle engine is used to warm the people in the car. Many industries born from inventively looking at how waste can be not only recycled but also put to good use.

Use harmful factors (particularly, harmful effects of the environment or surroundings) to achieve a positive effect.

Use waste heat to generate electric power.

Recycle waste (scrap) material from one process as raw materials for another.

 B. Eliminate the primary harmful action by adding it to another harmful action to resolve the problem.

Add a buffering material to a corrosive solution.

  • Use a helium-oxygen mix for diving, to eliminate both nitrogen narcosis and oxygen poisoning from air and other nitrox mixes.
  • Amplify a harmful factor to such a degree that it is no longer harmful.
  • Use a backfire to eliminate the fuel from a forest fire.


1. Service firms can imporve quality by listening to customer complaints. They can respond by taking fast actions.

2. High price may be harmful. It can be reduce by increasing service quality.


1. Watching too much TV can be harmful to child. Help them in using it for education to broaden their knowledge. 

 2.  Eating too much may be harmful. However, it can be balance with equal physical activity.

3. When my wife says i am not coming with you for shoping, it’s blessign in disguise. You can take girl fried with you.

4. If you have no work allocated incomany, you can use it for personal work. Like I work on website in ideal time.