Triz Principle 19 # Periodic action

We can put gaps between those energy bursts to create Periodic action. If you are using continuous force, pulsed energy can be more effective (this is what a hammer drill does). You can change the force, how long it is applied and how long between each application. Rear cycle lamps were once all constantly red, then someone came up with the idea of a flashing light which not only saves energy, it also attracts motorists’ attention.

A. Instead of continuous action, use periodic or pulsating actions.

  • Hitting something repeatedly with a hammer
  • Replace a continuous siren with a pulsed sound.

B. If an action is already periodic, change the periodic magnitude or frequency.

· Use Frequency Modulation to convey information, instead of Morse code.

  • Replace a continuous siren with sound that changes amplitude and frequency.

C. Use pauses between impulses to perform a different action.

  • In cardio-pulmonary respiration (CPR) breathe after every 5 chest compressions.

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