Triz Principle 8 # Anti-weight

When a system results in an undesirable force in one direction, a counterweight is a deliberate change to balance out or improve the situation by acting in the opposite direction. Traction control systems in vehicles can change the suspension system to shift the positioning of the body to balance out a tendency to roll.

A. To compensate for the weight of an object, merge it with other objects that provide lift.

  • Inject foaming agent into a bundle of logs, to make it float better.
  • Use helium balloon to support advertising signs.

A. To compensate for the weight of an object, make it interact with the environment (e.g. use aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, buoyancy and other forces).

· Aircraft wing shape reduces air density above the wing, increases density below wing, to create lift. (This also demonstrates Principle 4, Asymmetry.)

· Vortex strips improve lift of aircraft wings.

· Hydrofoils lift ship out of the water to reduce drag.