Triz Principle 6 # Universality

The 6th principle of invention is Universality. This is rather a common, everyday method of creating things. By definition, it means to 1) make a part or object perform multiple functions, thus eliminate the need for other parts, or 2) use standardized features.

Yes, the multifunctional printer these days allows you to print, fax, copy, and scan in a single device, thus eliminating the situation of having different devices to be scattered around your room


Make a part or object perform multiple functions; eliminate the need for other parts.

  • Handle of a toothbrush contains toothpaste
  • Child’s car safety seat converts to a stroller
  • Mulching lawnmower (Yes, it demonstrates both Principles 5 and 6, Merging and Universality.)
  • Team leader acts as recorder and timekeeper.
  • CCD (Charge coupled device) with micro-lenses formed on the surface