Triz Principle 4 # Asymmetry

We are surrounded by symmetry: cups, cars, buildings, bridges, and even features on our faces are filled with symmetry. This nature of our environment makes us think in terms of symmetry when we design something new. Such mental inertia prevents us from coming up with solutions using asymmetry.


A. Change the shape of an object from symmetrical to asymmetrical.

Asymmetrical mixing vessels or asymmetrical vanes in symmetrical vessels improve mixing (cement trucks, cake mixers, blenders).

  • Put a flat spot on a cylindrical shaft to attach a knob securely.

B. If an object is asymmetrical, increase its degree of asymmetry.

  • Change from circular O-rings to oval cross-section to specialized shapes to improve sealing.
  • Use astigmatic optics to merge colors.

Area Example If not
Global Countries are known for their extreme religious behavior, racial nature, or behaviors No opportunity for growth, reduction in tourism
Business Extreme product features, excess risk, using legal loopholes, excessive innovation like Google, branding for excess pleasure, taste etc Hard to create identity and survival
Personal Excessive discipline can counter excessive demands of family members, excessive study may give you good marks in exam, handicap people create success Some exceptional success won’t be seen