Triz Principle 3 # Local quality

By definition, principle of local quality is about changing an object’s structure or external environment from uniform to non-uniform state. It can also mean changing functionality of a certain part, such as a hammer with a nail puller on one side.

In business, implementing localization is about local quality. Fast food franchise usually mix-in a variation of local/national food with the standard menus. In terms of organizations, embracing flexible workhours to a group of employees can be considered principle of local quality as well.’

A. Change an object’s structure from uniform to non-uniform, change an external environment (or external influence) from uniform to non-uniform.
• Use a temperature, density, or pressure gradient instead of constant temperature, density or pressure.
B. Make each part of an object function in conditions most suitable for its operation.
• Lunch box with special compartments for hot and cold solid foods and for liquids.
C. Make each part of an object fulfill a different and useful function.
• Pencil with eraser
• Hammer with nail puller

• Multi-function tool that scales fish, acts as a pliers, a wire stripper, a flat-blade screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, manicure set, etc.

Area Example If not
Global World is full of diversity, skills (artists, painters,writers, technicians) New idea won’t come
Business Traders trades in futures and options other than stocks, Develop marketing strategy based on local marketing demand like language, hiring function specific consulting and skills like process consultants, M & A consultants, or IT consultants Reach and penetration won’t be high
Personal Someone know how to cook, other one know how to earn Focusing on one task by specialized person would make it more perfect