Triz Principle 18 # Mechanical vibration

Vibration is effectively a way of injecting energy into an object, which can break it away from other things or allow it to be moved (‘bounced’) easily. You can do this by shaking, vibrating, sound waves or ultrasonics. By varying both the frequency and amplitude, you can create different effects.

A. Cause an object to oscillate or vibrate.

  • Electric carving knife with vibrating blades,sewing machine, mixer, or mobile vibrator

B. Increase its frequency (even up to the ultrasonic).

  • Distribute powder with vibration.

C. Use an object’s resonant frequency.

  • Destroy gall stones or kidney stones using ultrasonic resonance.

D. Use piezoelectric vibrators instead of mechanical ones.

  • Quartz crystal oscillations drive high accuracy clocks.

E. Use combined ultrasonic and electromagnetic field oscillations.

  • Mixing alloys in an induction furnace

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