Triz Principle 17 # Another dimension

When you are having problems that has to do with straight lines, try using a second or third dimension. Go upwards, sideways or around corners. Reflect energy, bend metal, change your route. You can also move dimensions by rotating the object, changing your viewpoint, or even changing the number of objects.

With the increase in traffic, underground tunnels are becoming popular for pedestrian passages. Metro trains are running underground. while standard roadways represent one dimension, the underground roadways represent another dimension. There are some advanced cities where there are multilayered flyovers which is a good example of this principle.

As the cities are getting crowded, the buildings are becoming high. A tall building saves landspace.

A. To move an object in two- or three-dimensional space.

  • Infrared computer mouse moves in space, instead of on a surface, for presentations.
  • Five-axis cutting tool can be positioned where needed.

B. Use a multi-story arrangement of objects instead of a single-story arrangement.

  • Cassette with 6 CD’s to increase music time and variety
  • Electronic chips on both sides of a printed circuit board
  • Employees “disappear” from the customers in a theme park, descend into a tunnel, and walk to their next assignment, where they return to the surface and magically reappear.

C. Tilt or re-orient the object, lay it on its side.

  • Dump truck

D. Use ‘another side’ of a given area.

  • Stack microelectronic hybrid circuits to improve density.