Triz Principle 16 # Partial or excessive actions


Sometimes perfection is either impossible or too expensive to consider. What you can always consider is how you can do things at less than or even more than 100%, and to what degree you can do this. Animals cope with varying food supplies by storing food that is not needed now as body fat (which can also double up as insulation) or slowing down their metabolic rate, such as by hibernating or sleeping.


·     A cylinder is painted by dipping into paint, but contains more paint than desired. Excess paint is then removed by rapidly rotating the cylinder.


·     To obtain uniform discharge of a metallic powder from a bin, the hopper has a special internal funnel which is continually overfilled to provide nearly constant pressure.


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·      Over spray when painting, then remove excess. (Or, use a stencil–this is an application of  Principle 3, Local Quality and Principle 9, Preliminary anti-action).


·      Fill, then “top off” when filling the gas tank of your car.