Triz Principle 15 # Dynamics

If a system is made up of parts which are all connected rigidly together, then any force applied to the system is felt equally by all parts. When things are fixed, then when their environment changes, they are unable to cope well with the change. Dynamicity means creating systems which are able to cope with change and intrusions from outside it.

A.     Allow (or design) the characteristics of an object, external environment, or process to change to be optimal or to find an optimal operating condition.

·         Adjustable steering wheel (or seat, or back support, or mirror position…)

Traffic signals, changing in dependence from weather and the intensity of traffic

   B.  Divide an object into parts capable of movement relative to each other.

  • The “butterfly” computer keyboard, (also demonstrates Principle 7, “Nested doll”.)

   C.  If an object (or process) is rigid or inflexible, make it movable or adaptive.

  • The flexible boroscope for examining engines
  • The flexible sigmoidoscope, for medical examination