Triz Principle 14 # Spheroidality – Curvature

We tend to like flat surfaces and often do not challenge them. Spheroidality asks us to consider curves, in all of their various forms. We can use ball bearings to reduce friction, bend metal smoothly to retain strength or move things around in smooth curves rather than angular jerks.

 Instead of using rectilinear parts, surfaces, or forms, use curvilinear ones; move from flat surfaces to spherical ones; from parts shaped as a cube (parallelepiped) to ball-shaped structures.

Use arches and domes for strength in architecture.

B. Use rollers, balls, spirals, domes.

  • Spiral gear (Nautilus) produces continuous resistance for weight lifting.
  • Ball point and roller point pens for smooth ink distribution
  • A curved mobile phone, which is comfortable to hold in a palm.

C. Go from linear to rotary motion, use centrifugal forces.

Produce linear motion of the cursor on the computer screen using a mouse or a trackball.

  • Replace wringing clothes to remove water with spinning clothes in a washing machine.
  • Use spherical casters instead of cylindrical wheels to move furniture.