Triz Principle 13 # Inversion

Inversion means doing the opposite of what might seem normal. You can lift instead of lower, do things in reverse order, turn things upside down and a thousand other inverting actions.

 A. Invert the action(s) used to solve the problem (e.g. instead of cooling an object, heat it).

  • To loosen stuck parts, cool the inner part instead of heating the outer part.
  • Bring the mountain to Mohammed, instead of bringing Mohammed to the mountain.

 B. Make movable parts (or the external environment) fixed, and fixed parts movable).

  • Rotate the part instead of the tool.
  • Moving sidewalk with standing people
  • Treadmill (for walking or running in place

C. Turn the object (or process) ‘upside down’.

  • Turn an assembly upside down to insert fasteners (especially screws).
  • Empty grain from containers (ship or railroad) by inverting them.