Triz Principle 12 # Equipotentiality

A lot of work involves lifting and lowering things, for example to access parts underneath them. Equipotentiality means finding ways to avoid this heavy work. For example, a chest of drawers was a simple solution to the problems of a single chest, where to get to things at the bottom you had to take out all of the things on top.

In genetic algorithms one often works with a ‘gene’ pool of possible solutions. Genetic algorithms keep the most potent solutions to ‘breed’ with. Solutions with less potential are removed.

 In a potential field, limit position changes (e.g. change operating conditions to eliminate the need to raise or lower objects in a gravity field).

Spring loaded parts delivery system in a factory

Locks in a channel between 2 bodies of water (Panama Canal)

“Skillets” in an automobile plant that bring all tools to the right position (also demonstrates Principle 10, Preliminary Action)