Triz Principle 11 # Beforehand cushioning

Another form of doing things ahead of an event is to prepare for things which will fail or go wrong in some way. This can range from mistake-proofing a process to creating uninterruptable power supplies for computers.

In boxing, the gloves are used as safety equipments. Without gloves, many participants would have serious injuries. Generally boxers face brain injuries, eye injuries like injuries of eyelids, lens and retina, nose injuries, ear injuries etc. We cannot tell the boxers to hit soft as that would affect the spirit of the game. The solution is cushioning.

 A. Prepare emergency means beforehand to compensate for the relatively low reliability of an object.

  • Magnetic strip on photographic film that directs the developer to compensate for poor exposure
  • Back-up parachute
  • Alternate air system for aircraft instruments