Triz Principle 1. Segmentation

Segmentation involves breaking an object into independent parts or fragmenting things; basically, segmentation is a transition to the micro-level.

Segmentation can be accomplished several ways, for example:

1. Dividing an object into independent parts

a. i.e. Breaking down the writing process of a novel into chapter milestones

2. Making an object easy to disassemble

a. i.e. Sectional furniture that separates into parts

3. Increasing the degree of fragmentation or segmentation

a. i.e. Replacing solid shades with mini-blinds

More examples are like-

A. Divide an object into independent parts.

  • Replace mainframe computer by personal computers.
  • Replace a large truck by a truck and trailer.
  • Use a work breakdown structure for a large project.

B. Make an object easy to disassemble.

  • Modular furniture
  • Quick disconnect joints in plumbing

C. Increase the degree of fragmentation or segmentation.

  • Replace solid shades with Venetian blinds.
  • Use powdered welding metal instead of foil or rod to get better penetration of the joint.
Area Example If not
Global Dividing world in countries, states, districts to manage better Management is easy and manageable this way
Business Division in business units, service units, delivery units, marketing units, areas, target groups, and functions Will make life tough for management, will not able to focus
Personal Division of problem areas , roles among family members Will fight daily on who will make food and who will go to work