Triz Priciple 5 # Merging

 Over the course of industrialization, people have come to embrace the concept of specializing works and breaking them down into single, focused tasks. When a worker gains enough expertise on a single task, she becomes more efficient, allowing some of her mental or physical resource to be reallocated to another task.

In business world, shared service mode is quite popular where we merge similar work at place to improve efficiencies.

No.5 principle of invention: Consolidation is just that: do multiple things at once, process-wise.

a. Combine in space homogeneous objects or objects destined for contiguous operations

b. Combine in time homogeneous or contiguous operations

A. Bring closer together (or merge) identical or similar objects, assemble identical or similar parts to perform parallel operations.

· Personal computers in a network

· Thousands of microprocessors in a parallel processor computer

· Veins in a ventilation system

· Electronic chips mounted on both sides of a circuit board or subassembly

B. Make operations contiguous or parallel; bring them together in time.

· Link slats together in Venetian or vertical blinds.

  • Medical diagnostic instruments that analyze multiple blood parameters simultaneously
  • Mulching lawnmower